One day, during the last week of July 2001 (about two months before she left the body), Nandarani was working on the computer at home, preparing her offering to her spiritual master His Holiness Gopala Krishna Gosvami, for his Vyasa-puja scheduled on August 15, 2001. Vrndavanesvari asked Nandarani to show her the offering to which she replied, "Mamma, I am not going to show you the offering." When Vrndavanesvari asked her the reason, she replied, "Mamma, since you don't show me your offering, why should I show you mine?" With these words, she completed her offering, sealed the envelope and gave it to the concerned devotee at the temple for publication in the Vyasa-puja 2001 book of H.H. Gopala Krishna Gosvami. The offering was published in the book. However neither Vrndavanesvari nor I read the offering.

Nandarani left the body on September 15, 2001. Five days later, before H.H. Gopala Krishna Gosvami came home, we took a printout of the offering and were astonished on reading it. It passes our understanding that our thirteen year old Nandarani had written such a monumental offering to be read by us only after she had left the body. H.H. Gopala Krishna Gosvami was amazed upon reading the offering and remarked, "What deep philosophy for a thirteen year old girl."

Nandarani's memory book contains her Vyasa-puja offering.

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