His Holiness B V Bhagavat Maharaj

Chart for Bhaktin Nandarani of Mumbai
Born on April 6 th 1988 at 16:50 in Mumbai, India

Prepared by His Holiness B V Bhagavat Maharaj on 6.8.2009

In July of 2009, I met a man named Ananda Mohan Das in the ISKCON Juhu Temple in Mumbai. He introduced himself to me and almost immediately began to tell me a story about his departed daughter Bhaktin Nandarani. Having been trained and practiced in Ayurveda, I listened with a sympathetic ear to a grieving father tell his tale as a means of coming to terms with his loss. However as the story unraveled, I became intrigued to understand the reason why such a beautiful devotee child had lost her life in such an apparently violent condition. I wanted to do the chart immediately. I had an intuition about it instantly that whispered to me internally that some extraordinary secrets were hidden in the chart that would explain the mystery of this child’s sudden departure from this world. I informed Ananda Mohan Das that I would like to do the chart and I gave him my email and we set up an appointment for us to meet a day or two later in my room.

He emailed me the information and I cast the chart. To be quite honest I was not prepared for what I found in this chart. Clearly one of the most interesting charts I have ever cast. The next morning at Tulasi Puja I shared an important intuition of mine with her father that I felt would bring him some emotional relief. I told him that I felt his daughter had not died by strangulation. His eyes opened widely and he looked at me intently for more information. I think that she left of her own volition an instant before he strangled her. A look of relief and amazement shot across his face simultaneously. He was clearly intrigued and impressed. Later I met with Ananda Mohan Das at the appointed time and saw the two books that he had written about his darling daughter. Her face on the cover of the book spoke volumes all by itself. Here was a child whose very face and expression radiated divine love. Her eyes and her smile were sweet, innocent, beautiful, and enlightening, all at once and yet there was an undeniable wisdom in them as well. I heard Ananda Mohan Das read excerpts from both his books and I examined the books personally. I was amazed at her insights into Vedanta at such a young age and her absorption in Vraja Lila in a very personal and intimate manner in her writings and drawings. I then began to reveal from my memory, with my intuition very attuned, my assessment of her chart. He was very happy and impressed to hear all the wonderful things I had to say but also a little befuddled as he could not clearly understand it all simply by hearing it. He requested me to put it in writing which I was glad to do as I wanted to have a record of it myself since as an astrologer you do not get to see such an interesting chart like this very often. What appears below is my humble assessment of the chart of Bhaktin Nandarani.

In this chart we have many notable yoga’s (combinations) which indicate the exalted nature of this personality. Simultaneously there are other yoga’s, some using the same planets as the good ones that clearly demonstrate how a lunatic in an altered state of delusional and frenzied sexual mania tried to pollute a girl whose purity and devotion were the ornaments of her personality. Having failed to corrupt her, he destroyed her in a fit of fear and rage. Some of the insights into the chart, specifically her mode of departure, is a combination of technical and intuitive interpretation which is my particular vision of this girl’s life.

The Glories Of Nandarani’s Spiritual Personality.

The Position of Benefic Jupiter

First of all there is a notable placement of Jupiter in this chart. Jupiter, which is from the spiritual perspective the most auspicious of all the planets, is Lord of the 5 th in the 9 th aspecting the 1 st and the 5 th. With the exception of the malefic Rahu and Ketu, whose presence or aspect is almost always detrimental to some degree or another, only Jupiter can actually do this and of course do it favorably, in this case most favorably. The lord of the 9 th house, which Jupiter is posited in, is Mars. The planet Mars is exalted in Capricorn and comfortably situated in a dushtana (evil) house, the 6 th. Mars is also the exalted raja yoga Karaka of the chart as lord of the 4 th house, an angle and the 9 th house, a trine. This accomplishes many things.

First of all Moon which is debilitated in the 4 th house in the sign of Scorpio benefits greatly from the double exaltation of Mars Lord of Scorpio, the sign that Moon is debilitated in. Mars is also aspecting Cancer in the 12 th house the sign that Moon is Lord of. This helps to cancel out the debilitation. That debilitation is further weakened by the favorable aspect of Malavya Yoga Venus from the 10 th. This means that the Moon, the main indicator of the natives’ body and life according to Vedic astrology is Neecha Banga Raja Yoga. Moon is also the indicator of the mother and the 4 th house is also the indicator of the mother. Especially with Malavya yoga Venus, which rules the conjugal act for obtaining progeny, aspecting the Moon and the 4 th house, the indication is clear that the mother is a great devotee and she gave birth to a very advanced devotee of Krsna. Even the conception of this child was done in a very auspicious mood with a desire for such a devotee.

However getting back to the Mars/Jupiter connection we see the manifestation of a notable yoga appearing twice. First of all the Lord of the 9 th Mars being exalted in Capricorn and Raja Yoga Karaka lord of the 4 th and 9 th an (angle and a trine) makes the auspicious 9 th house which represents Dharma (religion) and subhagya (good fortune) extremely powerful for both the spirituality of the native and her good fortune. When you add the presence of the auspicious Lord of the auspicious 5 th house Jupiter in the 9 th, it magnifies the auspiciousness of this already auspicious house many, many fold. Furthermore, as if you could add anything else, this powerfully doubly exalted Mars is aspecting its own Lord ship of the 9 th house and the Lord of the Fifth house.

First of all this is called Guru (Jupiter) Mangala (Mars) yoga by aspect, as a true Guru Mangala yoga would come by the two planets directly aspecting each other or being together in same house. Irregardless this is a notable yoga by aspect which confers devotional attitude and spiritual wisdom on the native in childhood making them excellent students in the Gurukula. Hence the natives’ mastery over the Vedanta Darshan at such an early age and her realization of being focused only on Vraja Lila which is the highest of all Krsna’s Lila’s where Krsna according to Srila Rupa Goswami in Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu is in His MOST PERFECT form and pastimes.

Secondly the Lords of the 4th and the 5th and the 9th are now conjoined in an extremely auspicious Raja Yoga that indicates that the native is a great devotee and also a great yogi who has extraordinary dexterity of the limbs. Due to the aspect of Jupiter on the 3 rd house, which deals with writing, acting, dancing, arts, etc, and the ownership of the 3 rd house by Graceful Venus, Lord of the arts, which is posited in the 10 th house of occupation in its own sign causing a powerful Malavya yoga, the native was like a swanlike dancer of traditional Vedic dance.

Third, as if the first two things were not enough, this combination of the Lord of the 4th and the 5th and the 9th are also aspecting the ascendant causing the notable Guru Mangala yoga by aspect for a second time in the same chart. This is a clear indication of the spiritual prowess of this extraordinary child. The doubly exalted Mars shows she is fixed in celibacy and spiritual discipline and would have never married considering Krsna to be her only beloved. The aspect of Jupiter, Lord of the 5th, shows that she already had the blessing of a divine Guru from her previous life to continue her practice of Bhakti in this life from birth. (I will elucidate on this further shortly). This combination relaxes the inauspiciousness of the ascendant in several ways. First of all just by its aspect of the combination of the auspicious 4th ,5th and 9th Raja Yoga. Secondly, by the combination of Guru Mangala Yoga by aspect which also makes the ascendant auspicious. Third, with Jupiter’s auspicious Lordship of the 8th house, where the Lord of the ascendant is posited and debilitated Mercury is posited, Mercury’s debilitation becomes reduced creating Neecha Banga raja Yoga and Sun’s inauspicious position in Daridra Yoga also becomes reduced. Fourth, when this powerful doubly exalted Mars aspects the malefic Ketu, then Ketu, which is a shadow planet, begins to absorb the auspiciousness of Mars and begins to act like Mars now turning it from a malefic to practically a benefic and a positive force for spiritual life and practices. Fifth, this Ketu benefits greatly from the all auspicious aspect of Jupiter which becomes an indication of a person absorbed in spiritual life and practices as well.

The Powerful 5th House

In the 5th house we see powerful Saturn Lord of the 6th and the 7th. When the Lord of the 6th is in the 5th then it indicates that the native has an excellent service mood for Bhakti Yoga wanting to do things to help others and serve the Lord Sri Krsna. This was abundantly evident in the life of Bhaktin Nandarani. Secondly it indicates that much knowledge is being brought with the native from the previous life, especially and in this case in particular, Vedic wisdom since Jupiter is the Lord of the 5 th. This is again an indicator of her vast knowledge of Vedanta Darshan at such an early age. Saturn represents Sannyas and is Lord of the 7 th house of Marriage and Partnership and it aspects its own sign. This is another indication that Nandarani was a natural ascetic and Yogi who would never have married. She was blessed in her last life by some very great Sannyasi/Guru to have this mood which is further confirmed by the powerful aspect of Jupiter, Lord of the 5 th in the 9th showing she had a natural aptitude for Raganuga Bhakti Yoga from birth with a natural affection and love for the Lord Sri Krisna.

This creates a kind of dance around the chart where Saturn, which is in Sagittarius in the 5th, is Lord of the 7th aspecting the 7th, Mars exalted in the 6th is lord of the 9th and 4th. Mars is aspecting the 9th and Jupiter in the 9th and it is aspecting the 1st and Ketu in the 1st. Jupiter in the 9th is Lord of the 5th and is aspecting the 1st and Ketu in the 1st and the 5th and Saturn in the 5th coming full circle back to Saturn in the 5th. This circle indicates a spiritually adept person who lives in a rarefied place of purity and spirituality and who has no taste or inclination for sense gratification even of a pious nature like Vivaha Sanskar or Garbodhan Sanskar. Rather she wishes to be absorbed in Pure Bhakti, pure devotional service, to her Guru and most specifically their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari in their pastimes in Braja.

Having looked at the indications in the chart of the all auspicious spiritual character and personality of this beautiful Vashnavi, Bhaktin Nandarani, we shall now turn our attention to how a horrific act by a frenzied maniac ended her brief time in this world during this birth.

The Horrific Criminal Act

There are many indicators of the demise of Bhaktin Nandarani by an act of violence in the Rasi or birth chart, the bhava chart, and the chart created for the time of departure.

First let us look at the ascendant. The Ascendant represents the body and the Lord of the ascendant Sun also represents the body. When the Lord of the ascendant is in the 8th house, the house of death/longevity and in this particular case when the ascendant is the Sun which also represents the body and the planet Ketu, an evil planet is in the ascendant and Rahu its evil counterpart is in the 7th aspecting the ascendant, it is called Daridra Yoga which indicates lifelong poverty. This combination along with the fact that Mercury is debilitated in Pisces in the 8th house as the Lord of the second which is one of the Karaka houses indicating the death of any native, and that Mercury is conjunct with the Sun in the 8 th which means both these planets aspect the 2nd house which rules the speech, the mouth and the throat, is a very good indicator of the native’s apparent death due to strangulation.

To illuminate the problem with the ascendant, further let us look at Rahu’s position in Saturn’s sign of Aquarius in the 7th. Saturn, the old planet and an indicator for history, is in the 5th house of past life activities and is Lord of the 6th which is the house of enemies and the 7th which is the other karaka house indicating the death of any native. Here is an indication that the man who performed the act is quite possibly an ancient enemy from a far distant past life. Furthermore Saturn is 2nd from the Moon which indicates the throat and it aspects the 2nd house of the throat along with debilitated Mercury and Sun. This makes Saturn, in the house of the throat aspecting the house of the throat and who represents this possible ancient enemy, the Lord of the 7th house aspecting the 2nd house which are both karakas for the death of any native. Rahu, who is evil all by himself, is being further afflicted by this evil Saturn which is dealing with the throat by being in Saturn’s sign in the 7th and being aspected by Saturn from the 5th. All of these considerations together greatly strengthen the evil aspect of Rahu on the ascendant, the house of the body and the indication of a violent death.

Not only is this evil affliction there in the birth chart but it is also there in the Bhava Chart. There Rahu is joined by Mercury, Lord of the 2nd house, a karaka of death for any native making it into a first rate killer due to its association with evil Rahu. Both of these planets are aspecting the ascendant. Also aspecting the ascendant is Saturn, Lord of the 7th house, a karaka for death of any native, with debilitated Moon in the 4th. This placement is also devoid of the Malavya Yoga aspect of Venus from the 10th which is in the Rasi (birth chart). So we have the evil Lords of the 2nd and the 7th houses, both indicators of death for any native aspecting the ascendant. All of these are clear indications of a violent death by a person whose mind (Moon) and intelligence (Mercury) are seriously deranged.

When you return to the birth chart and look at the fact that the Moon, which is considered an even more important Karaka in Vedic astrology for ascertaining the body and the life of the native, is debilitated in Scorpio and is also Lord of the 12th, which is the house of loss, then along with the points made above, it appears obvious why she died an apparently violent death due to strangulation.

The Chart at the Time of Departure

When we go to the chart which is the estimated time of departure, we see the rest of the story clearly unfold. The place of death was Mumbai. The date was September 15th 2001. The time of death was placed at between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. Based on my intuition I cast the chart for 1:30 pm. As soon as I saw the chart, I knew my instincts were correct. Again we see the evil Rahu in the 7th house for yet a third time, aspecting the ascendant and indicating a violent death. However some really powerful influences are also at work here clearly indicating the nature of the deranged maniac that performed the act and his insane state of mind at the time.

The ascendant is Sagittarius. The Lord of the ascendant Jupiter is with Rahu in the sign of Gemini in the 7th. Jupiter is badly afflicted here by association with Rahu weakening the ascendant. Furthermore, both planets being in the sign of Gemini, 12th from the Moon, causes a situation where he has a serious inability to separate fantasy from reality. The natal Moon is also 12th from the ascendant. This man has literally lost his mind and any possibility to control his behavior through rational thinking. When you add to this that Mars, a malefic, is lord of the twelfth, a dusthana or evil house, the house of loss, is at 9˚ in the 1st with Ketu another malefic who is at 8˚ in the 1st you are looking at a mad frenzied state of consciousness that is acting completely on impulse of the lowest gross material desires. The heat of Mars’s passion is fueling this frenzy in the ascendant with Ketu so close and by its aspect of Rahu the Violent killer in the 7th who is returning that heat back to the ascendant by aspect. It may be that he was intoxicated, or he may have been absorbed in pornography shortly before the attack, or he may have actually been inhabited by a spirit. Driven out of control by the basest desires of sheer lust, anger, violence, and delusion he was clearly an unhinged maniac in an altered state of consciousness.

However, looking at only these factors would be leaving out so many other important indicators that it would be a gross injustice to judge the departure in this manner. One could in fact say that this is the external cause of death of the native as opposed to the real internal cause as indicated by the following aspects and combinations and my intuition.

All the planets that are debilitated and cancelled in the birth chart are well placed in the chart at the time of departure. Mercury is in the 10th house in Virgo its own sign and sign of exaltation.Sun is in the 9th house in Leo its own sign and sign of Moola trikona. Moon is in its own sign Cancer in the 8 th, Lord of the 8th in the 8th with Venus. So let’s look at the situation in the departure chart in the light of these three planets.

First of all the Moon, Lord of the 8th, the house of death/longevity, in the 8th is called Sarala Yoga. This bestows upon the native a long life, fearless nature, and makes them learned, celebrated, and prosperous. When you place Venus there, Lord of the 11th house of gain, this would seem to indicate a more peaceful death in which the native gained her desired goal of spiritual emancipation. Added to this is that Mercury is in its sign of exaltation in the 10th house of occupation in Bhadra Yoga. These two factors make it quite clear that she had her wits about her. Her intelligence and mind were unruffled. She was fixed on her occupation, meditating on Lord Sri Krisna, taking complete shelter of him in her hour of need. Furthermore the Sun Lord of the 9th in the 9th would indicate that Dharma and good fortune attended the death as well. If I were to recreate the scenario from what I know of the events from the testimony and the indications in this chart, I would write the script like this.

Nandarani’s Departure

Alone in her apartment, she was disturbed by the sudden presence of a large cockroach. She called down to the security guards booth and asked for someone to come and dispose of it. Little did she realize she was inviting a much larger danger into her home? The Guard comes in and he is in an altered state of consciousness, either from drugs, alcohol, pornography, or spirits. He sees the beautiful young girl of 13 and literally goes berserk and loses all control of his mind and senses. In a frenzied attempt to enjoy sex with her, he is faced with her sheer unwavering determination. She was clearly not afraid of her attacker but appalled at the raw naked face of the asuric qualities of lust, anger, and violence, something she had been sheltered from and had absolutely no experience of. All the while she is meditating on her Lord Sri Krsna praying for protection. She is clearly outmatched in size and strength. However she never allows him to kiss her, fondle her, or disrobe her. Seeing that he cannot violate her person in any manner, he becomes enraged but she does not waiver. He now resigns himself to the fact that he cannot have his way with her. Unable to obtain the object of his desire he decides to strangle her so she will not speak of what happened to others. Seeing the inevitable end, she accepts what is going to happen as Krsna’s arrangement, and instead of blaming her Lord for not protecting her, she goes into a deeper trance like meditation on Him. My intuition tells me that her protection came from the Lord who perhaps comes to assist her in leaving her body, the instant before her death arrives, so she will not have to bear the ignoble pain of a violent death by strangulation.

So what of the Sarala Yoga? Well her long life is her eternal life with Krsna. Her fearless nature was her allay in her most troubling circumstance. By her being a learned person in the principles of Vedanta and the Gita she was able to transcend death by meditation on her Lord Sri Krsna and His Divine Grace. Her prosperity is that she has gained the most valuable jewel of the eternal association with the Lord Sri Krsna. And for who she was, and how she handled what happened to her, she is celebrated throughout the World.

Concluding words

First of all I want to say that I am extremely honored to have been able to examine the chart of Bhaktin Nandarani and give my humble opinion on her actual position. As I stated in my opening words when I first heard the story I immediately became interested to do her chart. I had a sixth sense intuition about this at the outset because I could understand that such a beautiful devotee child like this could never be overcome by evil. As Lord Sri Krsna says in the Bhagavad Gita – “ My devotee is never vanquished.” So I wanted to see for myself what the actual position was.

I must confess that I do regret not having been able to meet her while she was manifest in this space time continuum but although I never met her I felt like I got to know her very intimately by doing her chart. She is in my opinion an extraordinary personality who has touched the lives of so many in her brief sojourn here in this world. The notable Yoga’s in her chart like the Guru/Mangala Yoga and Raja Yoga on her 9 th house and ascendant in the birth chart make it clear that she is destined to be famous in life, which she was, and glorified after death for many, many, years to come by her father represented by the Sun Planet and the 9 th house which is powerfully situated in the departure chart in the 9th aspecting the 3 rd house of writing. Her brilliant exposition of Vedanta Philosophy at such a young age and her absorption in Sri Krsna’s most perfect form and pastimes in Vraja Lila are all clear indicators of her exalted birth which was a continuation of her great devotional activities from her previous life. She was clearly a Raganuga Bhakta who was acting on the spontaneous platform of devotional service following the principles of Bhakti out of love and attachment for Sri Krsna and not out of fear, awe, and reverence for the rules and regulations. For Nandarani, love of Sri Krsna was natural and the motivating factor for service in Bhakti. As is evident from her writings, she had a very personal relationship with Sri Krsna. Such a devotee acting on this platform from birth is very rare. Nandarani came into this world to spread her love of Sri Krsna with her beautiful personality and loving heart. It is my humble opinion that it is not possible that a devotee of this caliber could be overcome by evil. The physical proof of this was that she did not present the ordinary symptoms of post mortem Riga mortise (stiffening of the body), mottling (blood draining from the veins), or odor and decay. These are symptoms of a person who has departed in Divine Grace, not violent strangulation.

In conclusion when considering the evidence of the testimony about her departure, my intuition, and all the indicators that I have mentioned from reading her chart, I feel in my heart that as Parikshit Maharaja, left his body the instant before the snake bird bit him by the Grace of Lord Sri Krsna, it is quite possible that by the power and mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krsna, Nandarani was assisted by the Lord in leaving this world, the instant before her death, in a peaceful state of grace, in complete control of her faculties, and with the Supreme Lord personally supervising her transition. I will let all of you judge for yourself but as far as I am concerned, Lord Sri Krsna says in Bhagavad Gita “Declare it boldly oh Arjuna, My devotee is never vanquished!” I believe that Nandarani is the living proof of this declaration by the Lord Sri Krsna’s Pure devotee, Arjuna, in the Bhagavad Gita.




In 1970, Sripad B V Bhagavat Maharaj became an initiated disciple of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada [ Founder Acharya of the International Society for Krishna consciousness ( ISKCON ) ].Under his tutelage, he learned the science of self-realization originally described in the Vedic literature of ancient India.

In 2008, Bhagavat Maharaj accepted the formal order of Sannyasa from His Divine Grace Bhakti Vedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja, head of the International Gaudiya Vedanta Society, and was conferred with the title of Swami.

Bhagavat Maharaj holds degrees from the Florida Vedic College in Bhakti Yoga - the Yoga of Love and Devotion, Ayurveda ( Vedic Naturopathic Healing ), and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). He is well versed in, and has lectured around the world on the esoteric teachings of the Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita, and numerous other sacred Vedic texts.



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