Seminar on 'Vedic Philosophy for Students'


In April 2001, H.G. Siddhi-lalasa Dasi and Vrndavanesvari Devi Dasi went to Chandigarh, India to conduct a seminar on 'Vedic Philosophy for Students' and the 'Isopanisad'. Nandarani accompanied them. When Vrndavanesvari travelled to Panchakula to conduct the seminar on Isopanisad, Nandarani attended the seminar on 'Vedic Philosophy for Students' given by H.G. Siddhi-lalasa Dasi. She was the only youngster attending the seminar.

It was only after she left the body that we read the handwritten notes she had taken while attending the seminar and we were amazed.

Furnished below are her notes relating to Chapter 2 dealing with "Basics of Sankhya Philosophy":

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The Memory Book also contains the notes that she had taken down on the following chapters while attending the seminar:

Chapter 1 - Teaching of the Vedas
Chapter 3 - Our Real Identity-Soul
Chapter 4 - Reincarnation
Chapter 5 - The Law of Karma
Chapter 6 - Vedic Society-Varnashram Dharma
Chapter 7 - The eternal religion Sanatana Dharma
Chapter 8 - Bhakti Yoga
Chapter 9 - Personal God or Impersonal God
Chapter 10 - The Acharya

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